If you have been involved in youth football in the south east of Scotland over the last ten years, there is a very strong chance you’ll have come across Kieran Green. Player, YFS journalist, goalkeeping coach and most prominently in recent years, referee.

During lockdown Kieran has joined his workmates at Edinburgh Airport to take on a charity challenge. Nobody could accuse him of ‘hugging the centre circle’ as he embarked on the arduous test of running 100 miles over the course of 30 days, to raise funds for the Scottish Association for Mental Health. You can donate to his fundraising page by clicking here (Kieran was keen to point out that donations should not be seen as a down payment on penalty kicks for your team).

With over 70 miles in the bag and the finishing line in sight, Keep Scotland Active caught up with Kieran to find out more about his background in youth football and why he has taken on this challenge.

Tell us about your youth career.
I played as a goalkeeper for Salvesen from U10 up to U13. Moved to Tynecastle FC U14, left halfway through U16 season after a knee injury that ultimately proved a career ender. I joined Musselburgh Windsor once I’d initially recovered from my knee injury but didn’t ever feel comfortable again.

What did you do next?
I’ve been refereeing since I passed the exam in 2014. I absolutely love it, to still be involved in football on the pitch after bad knee injuries I feel very lucky. I gave referees a real hard time when I played so it’s only fair I take it back.

How are you finding the challenge?
It’s very tough, I’ve never been much of a recreational runner. Fair play to everybody that does this “for fun”. It is though a challenge I’ve relished, it’s given me an end goal and people are donating money to charity, which is extra motivation to get this done.

What made you do this?
I’m working at Edinburgh Airport now and it came from there. I got a message from a colleague telling me about the small group of Airport workers that had started exploring the idea of raising money for charity and had set up a just giving team page. Being furloughed for 10 weeks I had to do something to I signed up and got going the next day. As somebody that’s struggled with mental health problems and got through them I want to give back. To be out exercising and to raise money for the Scottish Association of Mental Health (SAMH) it’s a win win situation for me.

Everyone at Keep Scotland Active commends Kieran on his charity work and if you can, please consider donating by clicking here.