Every day you are active, we’d love to know what you got up to. Fill in this form once per day, along with a photo taken that day with your membership number. You’ll earn points for both yourself and your club – and points mean prizes! Every day you can score a maximum of 5 points.

Points System
– Up to 3 points for filling in the form below. You receive 1 point for filling out the form correctly with a photo from today (either showing you in training or holding up your membership number) and up to 2 bonus points can be received for the ‘Tell us about your activity…’ box. We’re looking to see your passion and creativity.
– 1 point for submitting a video of you training/attempting skills challenges. Send these via social media or to partners@youthfootballscotland.co.uk.
– 1 point for going on a run. Click here to visit KSA Running Club.

Prizes will be given to the most active players and clubs at the end of each three week period. The first prize day is Friday 8th May. Prizes confirmed so far include team strips, 121 online coaching sessions, home training equipment and more. The full list will be made available, along with the standings, on Friday 24th April.

Simply fill out the form below and attach a photo of you from one of today’s activities or holding up your membership number. Only submit your activity once per day. Good luck!

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