It’s an extremely challenging times for youth teams across Scotland, but for five youth teams they’ll soon have something exciting to look forward to at the other side. Rangers FC first team coach Michael Beale, formerly of Sao Paulo, Chelsea and Liverpool, has offered to put on a free training session for a number of local youth teams.

On his official website, Beale commented:

This isolation period is difficult for us as adults – but even more so for children. They wont understand why they cannot play sports, spend time with their friends, go to see family or to school. They will also struggle to understand what their parents are going through in terms of difficulties or worries around employment and income to the family home etc.

The moment this isolation period is over – or as soon as it’s safe to do so – we need to get back to inspiring our children.

Football is a great way to do that in our local communities and the “purest” form of football is the children’s grassroots game. So I am looking forward to getting out and meeting the clubs / teams and young players across Glasgow.

I am encouraging other professional coaches and players to do the same in their own local communities.

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