With no team training or matches for over a month, it has been an extremely challenging time for grassroots teams and clubs across Scotland. One team that has certainly risen to the challenge, is East Ayrshire’s Galston Youth FC. The 2009 squad have went for a triple whammy of initiatives to keep their players fit, healthy and motivated, whilst also doing their bit for the community.

On the ‘training park’ their players have been completing a number of skills challenges, which have been shared on the team’s Twitter page (click here). However, it’s without a ball that they have really been taking their activities to the next level.

Coach Craig Doherty has challenged his players to take a tour of England’s Premier League grounds and they’ve got off to a flying start. Last week the squad embarked on the journey from Galston to Turf Moor Stadium in Burnley. A 206 mile trip.

As you can imagine, hiring a minibus and heading south of the border wasn’t an option. The challenge for these young players was to cover the distance whilst running in their gardens and local areas. After six days of hard work, the squad managed to pull it off, with Burnley’s official Twitter account encouraging them to get over the line.

Coaching team Craig Doherty and David McCallum broke the news of the team’s success on Thursday. They said: “Superb from our boys today. Proud of what they have achieved in 6 days. Last Friday we challenged them to run to Turf Moor, home of Burnley Football Club. That was a total of 206 miles. With 15 boys we asked them to share this load over 7 days. Today they completed this task by accumulating 43.73 miles. This wasn’t about the fastest times though it was about the boys who are stuck at home unable to see their friends who they usually see day in day out get a sense of togetherness. They done exactly that, speaking group chats and sending pictures. We would like to congratulate the boys and say well done.”

In addition to keeping the team active, Galston has also been generous in the local community. They made the collective decision to donate their monthly subscription fees to the local foodbank at Crossroads Community Hub. A grand total of £310 was donated and handed over on Saturday.

Everyone at Keep Scotland Active would like to applaud the Galston squad, parents and coaching team for making the very best of the situation. Keep up the incredible work!