First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has today confirmed that from July 13th, children and young people across Scotland can resume playing outdoors sports – permitting that government guidelines are followed.

“Contact and physical sports can resume for children and young people subject to guidance being followed from July 13th,” Sturgeon confirmed.

The “guidance” that the First Minister mentioned means that should infection rates rise and the move is deemed unsafe, the government can go into “reverse gear” and shut it down again.

The First Minister previously stated in her Phase Two briefing that July 13th was the provisional date for outdoor sports to resume and today was delighted to confirm these plans.

Youth Football in Scotland has been at a complete standstill since Scotland went into lockdown on March 20th and many young players are eager to get back out kicking a ball for their respective clubs.

This guideline would now potentially allow coaches at grassroots clubs to conduct small grouped training sessions with their players as preparation ahead of the new season.

Sturgeon however said non-professional adult sports will not resume before July 31st but her government will work closely to get sports up and running as soon as possible.

The First Minister also confirmed to the nation that Scotland would be moving from Phase Two into Phase Three of the Covid-19 lockdown route map.

The First Minister explained why the changes from Phase Two into Phase Three were being implemented:  “Covid-19 has now been supressed in Scotland to a low level even in the last 3 weeks since I last updated parliament there has been significant progress”.

“We can move from Phase Two into Phase Three in lockdown restrictions as we have assessed the progress against tackling covid-19 against the six criteria for this stage set out by the World Health Organisation and we have concluded that we meet each of them.”

A full list of Covid-19 Phase Three restrictions will be posted on the Scottish Governments website later today.