Throughout lockdown, we’ve seen a wide range of innovative training methods from youth clubs across Scotland. Whether it be Zoom training sessions, running challenges or skills testing from home, every club has put their own slant on lockdown activity.

However, this week North Merchiston Football Club of Edinburgh have taken a different approach. Ciaran Pugh, who is director of football at the club in addition to founder of EDI Football Academy, explained his idea on the club’s social media pages.

Pugh said: “I was walking through Harrison Park today and noticed so many North Merchiston kids out and about with their parents having a kick about. This was great to see, but made me think – how can I help?”

He continued: “So as such, we’re going to put a couple of signs up around Harrison Park East and West with specific skill practices some of the kids can practice when at the park as part of their exercise for the day. These skills will be refreshed on a weekly basis!”

The signs, pictured below, use QR code technology to direct the young players or parents to a skills video on their mobile phone. Creating a QR code is free, easy and can link to any website address or social media page (including YouTube videos). Click here to generate a code of the your own.