Author: Laurie Finlayson

One Scottish grassroots football club that is doing something positive during the lockdown is Cumberland Colts. At the start of this unusual period that we are all encountering, the wonderful people at Cumberland Colts decided they wanted to do their part in the community, to help those who are struggling the most.

A club statement released on March 18th read:

Cumbernauld Colts take pride in being a club at the heart of our community.

“We appreciate that this is a highly difficult time for everyone and would like to offer our help where we can.

“While we’re still firming up how exactly this will run, we are considering the following:

“Deliveries of essential items for those who cannot reach the shops themselves, dog-walking services, foodbank collections (we can pick these up from homes) for Cumbernauld’s Bethlehem House of Bread foodbank at Cornerstone House, helpline with Club Chaplain Stuart Coleman to give those who are lonely or needy someone to talk to, online tutoring / support to help with schoolwork and learning. 

“We will continue to share social media posts to sponsor businesses in the local area, particularly team sponsors and club partners

“These services will be organised and provided by our CiTC community staff.”

This is a classy gesture from the club. The simple things they are offering like picking up a couple of groceries for people or just giving them a phone call, can mean so much to those who haven’t got much to be cheery about right now. 

As of the 21st April, their COVID-19 Volunteer Group has delivered an outstanding 100 prescriptions to those in need, a truly outstanding number. Alongside this, they have been doing a bit of fundraising too. As of 26th April, Cumberland Colts have raised over £1400, to be split between Cash for Kids and groups in the local community. They are a true credit to their club, their town, and our country. 

Cumberland Colts are not the only team doing their bit during the lockdown though. The Jimmy Johnstone Academy have been raising awareness for the Masks for NHS Heroes campaign, by posting videos of their players doing a small challenge, in hope of raising funds for the campaign.

Bargeddie Colts, and in particular a player from their 2005s team, Jonny, have been out and about for the past four weekends delivering emergency food parcels for those in desperate need on behalf of the Colts and Airdrie Community Trust. These clubs, and the many others who will be helping out in their communities, I think I speak for us all when I say, thank you!