KSA Running Club

KSA Running Club was created to provide help, guidance and encouragement to any member of the youth football community that wishes to take up or continue running during lockdown.

The idea is to bring the community together, to allow you to compare your times and distances against people at the same age group across Scotland.

We’re working in partnership with RS Performance Coaching, to provide regular running based challenges relevant to youth football players.

To join KSA Running Club, follow the steps below:

1. Download the app
Download the Strava app (you will be offered ‘Strava Summit’, a paid for version, but the FREE version is all you require for this club.

Download Link: Apple | Android

Please note, if you are under 13 years of age it must be your parent or guardian who signs up for the app and they must supervise/run with their child during all runs.

When you set up your profile, if you wish to score KSA Points, you should list your membership number within your name. You can also add the name of your club, although this is optional.

E.G. ‘John Rossvale KSA0231’.

2. Join your club
Once you’ve logged into the app, join the relevant age group from the links below and start running! Every day you go for a run, you’ll score 1 KSA point. The is an open category, meaning coaches are welcome to take part too. Keep an eye out for our weekly challenges.

2010 & younger
2004/2005 Male
2004/2005 Female
2002/2003 Male
2002/2003 Female
2001+ Male
2001+ Female

3. Extra help (optional)
If you would like extra support then please contact our partners at RS Performance Coaching. They have a range of individual and group mentoring programmes available.

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