Introducing Keep Scotland Active

Keep Scotland Active is an online resource developed for the Scottish youth football community, but accessible for everyone. Developed by not-for-profit social enterprise Youth Football Scotland, it inspires young people to remain active from home with a wide range of exciting and challenging activities. This goes alongside providing valuable support to help young players maintain relationships with their teammates and coaches, in addition to a structured programme of home training.

Our Research

We have spent a great deal of time speaking to players, coaches, parents and clubs, to find out what help they would most appreciate during the shutdown. Our research has connected with over 5000 people ranging from simple closed online polls to more open-ended feedback opportunities.

We identified the following as their main concerns:

– At present there is a wave of enthusiasm for staying active. The community are worried that this will fade as the days and weeks elapse, with proper activity becoming a distant memory.

– The lack of structured exercise for young people is unhealthy. Some coaches are confident of providing a programme of activities for their young players, but most are uncertain.

– Coaches will find it difficult to keep their whole squad engaged and keep track of who is active and who isn’t.

– Players will stagnate without anything competitive to spur them on.

Our Solution

Our approach is four pronged, consisting of the following:

Inspire – We have recruited a set of professional footballers to set daily skills challenges for the grassroots community, kicking off next week with Scotland’s captain Andy Robertson. We will also provide a ‘good news story’ each day, about an achievement of one young player – ensuring we inspire from the bottom and the top.

Unite – Coaches and coaching academies across Scotland, who normally compete for customers, will provide training sessions free of charge on our platform. Sessions on a variety of topics, from goalkeeping to futsal, will broadcast to the nation on a daily basis.

Compete & Enjoy – The Keep Scotland Active Awards scheme provides incentives for players, coaches and clubs to stay active and enjoy their activity at home. Sporting organisations across the UK have came together to provide some fantastic prizes.

Inform & Educate – Our website provides a directory of information, signposting the most important resources for young people, parents, families and individuals. Covering key topics such as mental health, things for families to do and how to stay healthy. For those who want to spend their new-found free time learning a new skill, we will offer free e-learning courses, beginning with ‘An introduction to Sports Journalism & Media’.

Whilst these will be our initial points of focus, we are living in an environment which is likely to change on a daily basis for a significant amount of time. By bringing the community together through ‘Keep Scotland Active’, we will create a platform shining a light on the very best things happening around the country at the most challenging of times.